Stephen C. Josephs


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Stephen Josephs conducted the premier of Willard Roosevelt's "A Twinkle in his Eye" and "Fanfare for Sagamore Hill"

Stephen C. Josephs "Eart'Acte" commonly called Earth performs on Flute and Keyboards from Bossa Novas to Beatles.

Sen. Hillary Clinton was present as Stephen C. Josephs, Commander/Conductor, received overwhelming applause for his renditions.

Stephen C Josephs plays with tautness, conviction and sensibility. The five composers could not have asked for a keener instrumentalist; who pays attention to the details in the scores while never overlooking the general contour of the music.

Stephen was particularly outstanding in his mastery of the flute. Only an electronic instrument could have made notes that sounded clearer.

Stephen plays enjoyable listening music from Bach to Original Compositions.